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Here you find information about Maria Bernarda Bütler from Auw, Switzerland, current news about the Saint and proposals for your pilgrimage to Auw.


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Church services in Auw 2019


in German


Saturday 6:30 p.m.:


Sunday (silent) 7:30 a.m.:


Sunday 9:00 a.m.:



02.11. / 30.11. 


27.10. / 24.11. / 22.12.


20.10. / 10.11. (09:30) / 17.11. / 15.12. / 29.12.


every Tuesday, 9 a.m.


every 1st Tuesday of the month: Maria Bernarda pilgrimage service 9 a.m.


and Church services for festive days

Maria Bernarda Café

Every 1st Tuesday of the month the Maria Bernarda Café takes place at the Begegnungsraum Auw (Sigristenpfrund). You are welcome to join us! Next dates: October 1st / November 5th / December 3rd

Past events

Remembrance day of Saint Maria Bernarda 

On Sunday 19th May 2019 we celebrated the annual remembrance day of Saint Maria Bernarda!


Founding of the Maria Bernarda Association ("Maria Bernarda Verein")

2018 the Maria Bernarda Association ("Maria Bernarda Verein") was successfully founded to bear in remembrance of Saint Maria Bernarda. More information in German here: Maria Bernarda Verein. Do you want to become a member? We're looking forward to your registration!