Pilgrimage to Auw

Are you planning a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Saint Maria Bernarda Bütler?


These attractions are waiting for you in Auw:

  • church of Saint Nicolas with relic and babtistary of Saint Maria Bernarda
  • services and prayer in the church of Saint Nicolas 
  • house of Saint Maria Bernarda's birth
  • guided tours
  • way of consciouness - Besinnungsweg

Please note that you can visit the house of Saint Maria Bernarda's birth only at the official visiting dates in 2019: June 15th and August 24th, or as a group on demand.


Communal office of Auw will help you with reservations and the organisation of your trip.
Gemeindekanzlei Auw
Bergstrasse 2
5644 Auw
Phone 00415 66 77 70 20
Service in rememberance of Saint Maria Bernarda 
Once a year a service is hold in the special honor of Saint Maria Bernarda.
Church services

in German

Sunday 9 a.m. / 7.30 a.m. or Saturday 6.30 p.m. (see current)

every Tuesday 9 a.m.

every 1st Tuesday of the month: Maria Bernarda pilgrimage service at 9 a.m.

Maria Bernarda Café

Every 1st Tuesday of the month the Maria Bernarda Café takes place at the Begegnungsraum Auw (Sigristenpfrund). You are welcome to join us! Dates for 2019: 08.01. / 05.02. / 05.03. / 02.04. / 07.05. / 04.06. / 02.07. / 06.08. / 03.09. / 01.10. / 05.11. / 03.12. 

You can buy souvenirs at the stall in the church of Saint Nicolas.